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Slice 10585 Manual Carton Cutter, Ideal for Boxboard & Thin Corrugate, Finger Friendly, Ambidextrous, Lasts 11X Longer Than Steel, Lightweight & Portable

The slim, lightweight, 10585 Manual Carton Cutter is deceptively small for a powerhouse tool. Housed in a reinforced-nylon blade casing and covered by an acetone-resistant metal sheath, this durable cutter is ideal for industrial and home use. The Carton Cutter uses Slice’s finger-friendly blade, which cuts through material effectively but is safe to the touch. Because we use 100 percent zirconium oxide, our unique grind has superior wear resistance, lasting up to 11 times longer than steel. Once you’ve worn down one side, simply flip the blade over for a fresh edge. That’s up to 22 times more cutting than a single-edge metal blade. Slice blades are non-magnetic, non-conductive, non-sparking, chemically inert, and never rust. Slice designs tools with safety in mind and the 10585 is no exception. Its blade sits at the perfect angle to expose enough blade to cut you materials without protruding too far (and therefore putting you or the contents of your box at risk). The 10585 ships with a rounded-tip 10526 blade for extra protection against punctures. A compatible pointed-tip 10528 blade is available separately. The Carton Cutter is ideal for cardboard, boxboard, flexible plastics, vinyl, reinforced bags, clamshell packaging, plastic banding (we recommend cutting at a 45-degree angle), tape, thread, and thin leather. Not recommended for hard materials such as wood, metal, or concrete. Microscopic chips may occur on the blade edge, but these do not affect performance. The ambidextrous 10585 has an easy, no-tool blade change system. To remove the blade, slide the orange nylon housing out of its metal sheath. The housing is hinged along the long edge, like a book. Simply open the housing and flip the blade over for a fresh edge, or replace it with a new one, close the housing and slide the sheath back on. DIYers, warehouse workers, crafters, and hobbyists alike will appreciate the sleek design and safe cutting power of the 10585 Carton Cutter.Slice safety blade’s unique cutting edge might seem dull, but it cuts right through your material while keeping you safe!
Other blades are dangerously sharp. Slice blades start at a safe and effective sharpness and stay there 11 times longer.
Discover safe and effective cutting with this ambidextrous carton cutter. With an acetone-resistant metal sheath and a reinforced nylon handle, this durable tool stands up to industrial use.
Ideal for cutting boxboard, cardboard, tape, clamshell and flexible plastics. This slim carton cutter fits in your pocket or the palm of your hand, ready to use for common cutting tasks.
Ships with a 10526 rounded-tip reversible utility blade. Each side lasts up to 11 times longer than a comparable steel edge. Pointed-tip 10528 utility blade available separately.

Price: $9.99
(as of May 10,2019 11:40:11 UTC – Details)

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